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  • ClearSight's Checklist for Ending the School Year

    Use ClearSight's Checklist for Ending the School Year prior to July 17, 2021 to make sure you have all tests completed and all needed data stored.

    Added June 1, 2021
  • What is New for ClearSight in August 2021?

    ClearSight has some exciting new features and interesting changes that will go into effect in August of 2021.  Read more here.

    Added May 24, 2021
  • Minor Text-to-Speech Issue Notification

    It's come to our attention that there may be a text-to-speech playback issue with Chrome Operating Systems, versions 88 and 89. We've had reports that the first time the TTS is requested in a test it is not heard and it needs to be selected again. To reiterate, this is relevant for the first occurrence in any given test and is remedied by selecting the playback a second time. If you experience reports of this issue with your students, please encourage them to select the playback button more than once. We are working with Google to quickly fix this problem. 

    Added March 30, 2021
  • Print Checkpoint/Educator-Authored Items and Booklets

    We are pleased to announce a print friendly option within Authoring. It is now possible to print Checkpoint items or tests and Educator-Authored items or tests. See these release notes for details. 

    Added March 25, 2021
  • Multiple Test Results in One Export 

    We are pleased to announce that you can now export students' score information from multiple tests in ClearSight Reporting. The export can include score information for as few or as many tests and students as you like including having Interim and Checkpoint scores in the same export. The report is accessed from the Download Student Results >> Student Response Generator and sent directly to the user's Inbox in XLS, CSV, or TXT format. 

    Click Comprehensive Export File to see the features of the new export and the steps to retrieve it. 

    Added February 12, 2021
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