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  • Minor Text-to-Speech Issue Notification

    It's come to our attention that there may be a text-to-speech playback issue with Chrome Operating Systems, versions 88 and 89. We've had reports that the first time the TTS is requested in a test it is not heard and it needs to be selected again. To reiterate, this is relevant for the first occurrence in any given test and is remedied by selecting the playback a second time. If you experience reports of this issue with your students, please encourage them to select the playback button more than once. We are working with Google to quickly fix this problem. 

    Added March 30, 2021
  • Print Checkpoint/Educator-Authored Items and Booklets

    We are pleased to announce a print friendly option within Authoring. It is now possible to print Checkpoint items or tests and Educator-Authored items or tests. See these release notes for details. 

    Added March 25, 2021
  • Multiple Test Results in One Export 

    We are pleased to announce that you can now export students' score information from multiple tests in ClearSight Reporting. The export can include score information for as few or as many tests and students as you like including having Interim and Checkpoint scores in the same export. The report is accessed from the Download Student Results >> Student Response Generator and sent directly to the user's Inbox in XLS, CSV, or TXT format. 

    Click Comprehensive Export File to see the features of the new export and the steps to retrieve it. 

    Added February 12, 2021
  • ClearSight Clicks Videos

    We are pleased to introduce a new format for providing product support, the ClearSight Clicks videos! These short videos focus on single topics and show you how to perform  tasks in ClearSight. We've started with Test Administration and Delivery, but will move on to the development of Reporting videos soon. These are intended to support decision-making and navigation within the product so that it "clicks" for you. 

    Select videos to view the list of available recordings for Test Administration and Test Delivery. You can also view this video list on the Resources >> Videos and Tools page of the portal.  

    Added February 12, 2021
  • New ELA Checkpoint Forms Available

    We are pleased to announce the release of 85 new ELA Checkpoint forms. 

    In Kindergarten through 2nd grade users will find the following new Checkpoints:

    • Forms 1-3 Foundational*
    • Forms 1-3 Informational
    • Forms 1-3 Language
    • Forms 1-3 Literature
    • 2 Educator-Scored Writing Forms in Grade 1
    • 2 Educator-Scored Writing Forms in Grade 2

    *Please note: Full Reporting capabilities are expected February 15th. 

    In 3rd through 11th grades, users will find the following new Checkpoints

    • Forms 2 and 3 in Editing
    • Forms 1-3 in Listening 

    For a printable list of all Checkpoint forms available in ClearSight, select Available Checkpoint Forms

    Added February 5, 2021
  • Improved Search Features in TIDE

    We are pleased to announce some enhanced features available in TIDE. 

    1. Student Search 

         District levels users associated with multiple districts can search for students across all districts at the same time.

    2. Export rosters

         It is now possible to download roster lists as CSV or XLS files. Multiple rosters can be downloaded at the same time. 

    See the Release Notes February 2021 to see details and screenshots. 

    Added January 27, 2021
  • Additional ELA Checkpoint Forms Coming

    Our ClearSight team hopes you had a safe and happy holiday season. We are pleased to announce that additional ELA checkpoint forms are coming next month! You'll soon see

    • 3 Foundational, Informational, Language, and Literature forms in Kinder through 2nd grades.
    • For grades 3 through HS, two new Editing and 3 new Listening forms will also be released.

    Added January 4, 2021
  • Make the Most out of Checkpoint Reports

    This quick guide document describes a quick way to make a Checkpoint Assessment report available in order by standard.

    Added November 30, 2020
  • Interested in Interim Assessment Score Reporting?

    ClearSight has released a document called Interim Assessment Scores that explains Interim Assessment scores reported in both the Reporting views and the Individual Student Reports. This document is also available in Resources.

    Added November 25, 2020
  • New Checkpoint Forms Available

    We are pleased to announce the release of additional Checkpoint forms in grades K - HS.

    • Grades K - 2:  3 additional checkpoint forms for each Mathematics content topic.
    • Grades 3 - HS: 1 additional form for each Mathematics content topic and in ELA, 1 additional form for Informational and Literature topics.

    These additional forms are available in the Test Delivery System and in the Checkpoint Preview System. 

    Added November 18, 2020
  • Release Notes - November 2020

    Please take a look at what is new for November 2020.

    1. New, formatted, Excel reports in ClearSight Reports
    2. Standards can now be viewed in Checkpoint Assessment reporting
    3. Standards can now be viewed at the student level of Interim Assessment reporting

    Please take a look at our November 2020 Release notes to see details and screen shots.

    Added November 2, 2020
  • Rubrics Available for Writing Prompts

    Pdf versions of Writing Rubrics for all grades 3 through 11 are now available on the Resources page under Educators and Product Information. These documents are organized by grade band and by type of prompt. Domain, cluster, and standard information for each grade appear at the top of each pdf. The rubrics apply to auto-scored and educator-scored Checkpoint forms, as well Interim ELA forms. 

    Added October 14, 2020
  • Item Sequence and Standard Lists Now Available

    Checkpoint Grades 3 - HS Forms 1 & 2:  Indiana    Florida

    Checkpoint Grades 1-2 Form 1:  Indiana   Florida

    Interim Grades K-2:  Indiana   Florida

    Reminder:  All of these are fixed forms, meaning a list of items can be provided.

    These files are also available in Resources under Educators --> Product Information  

    Added September 29, 2020
  • Checkpoint Form Reporting Now Shows Percent Correct

    Click here for example screen shoots.

    Added September 28, 2020
  • Test Reasons are Now Available for Assignments

    When you create assignments to administer tests, you can now select test reasons just as you can when you create a session.  More information will be coming soon, via this announcement, but please see the following document for details.

    You Can Now Use Test Reasons With Assessments

    Added September 22, 2020
  • ClearSight Interim ELA Assessments - One Test, Not Two

    ClearSight Interim ELA Assessment is one assessment that has 2 segments.

    1. Segment One is Reading, Listening, and Language
    2. Segment Two is Writing (writing prompt/essay worth 10 pts.)

    It may be beneficial for students to PAUSE after they complete Segment One and return later to Segment Two.  Please review this quick guide for details about this process.

    How to Pause and Restart a ClearSight Interim ELA Assessment

    ***This is only relevant to customers who use the Interim ELA Assessments.  Some customers use Interim Reading Assessments where this situation does not apply.***

    Added September 10, 2020
  • How Do Students Sign In to Take a Test?

    Visit this quick guide to see and share with students how they sign in to ClearSight tests.

    Added September 2, 2020
  • ClearSight is Live!

    Every ClearSight system is live on the Actions pag

    Added August 9, 2020