Remember to Set Test Settings and Tools for Students Prior to Testing
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Remember to Set Test Settings and Tools for Students Prior to Testing

Aug 19, 2021

As you get ready for beginning of year testing, you may wonder what types of testing accommodations and in test tools are available to your students. ClearSight offers a large variety of tools and accommodations such as Masking and Text-to-SpeechPlease review this Tools, Accessibility, and Accommodations document to see a listing and description of these available features.

These settings are configured in TIDE. You can configure test settings for an individual student through the View/Edit/Export Students option.

Select the student by placing a check in the box to the left of the student name and id. Then select the edit button to view the Presentation and Tool features currently set for the student.

Though this sample image shows the available tools and only lists ELA, you will also be able to configure settings for Math and Science tests, as appropriate to your student. 

You can also view these settings by navigating under Test Settings and Tools, View/Edit/Export Test Settings and Tools. 


To configure Test Settings through an upload template rather than the TIDE Interface, Select Upload Test Settings and Tools. Download the template file. 

Then complete the settings in the template file by selecting the drop-downs within the template. You can complete a file for a single student or for multiple students at once. 


To view additional resources to help you with this set-up, please see the TIDE User Manual. Pages 15 through 18 of this manual walk through Test Settings and contain links to tables which describe the columns in the Test Settings Upload File and the Test Settings and Tools Panel in the TIDE Interface. 

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