ClearSight Overview
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ClearSight Overview


What is ClearSight and who should use it? 

ClearSight is a digital assessment platform for districts and/or schools to administer adaptive, interim assessments and fixed-form, topical, formative assessments across grades in ELA, Math, and Science. ClearSight assessments provides actionable, immediate data for users across school districts to track student’s mastery of grade-level standards and to inform instruction during the school year. ClearSight data assists:

  • District administrators to understand how districts are progressing toward success on state summative tests
  • School administrators to keep a pulse on the progress of your school's learning and adjust instructional resources accordingly
  • Teachers to measure student mastery of ELA, Math, and Science standards

ClearSight also includes our Authoring Tool, that allows educators the freedom and flexibility to create items and/or tests tailored to your classroom's needs.


What types of tests are available with ClearSight?

The ClearSight assessment suite offers three main categories of assessments across grades 3-12:

  1. Adaptive, interim assessments
  2. Fixed-form, formative assessments
  3. Educator-authored assessments

ClearSight also includes a supplemental K-2 Survey and Formative package available for early grade learners. 


To what standards are ClearSight items aligned?

ClearSight aligns items to your state’s standards so you will see your state standards in the reporting and authoring areas of the system when you view information about assessments and items. If there is not an alignment to your state's standards, you will see Common Core information for that item. 

There are now comprehensive lists available, by ClearSight Formative form name, which provide item sequence and the standard for each item. You can view these lists by selecting Indiana or Florida


What accessibility features will we have access to with ClearSight?

ClearSight offers the largest set of accessibility tools and accommodations in the industry, matching the offerings of Cambium Assessment.

ClearSight ensures availability of the assessments to the widest range of student abilities. A comprehensive list of our accommodations and accessibility features can be found on our Tools, Accommodations, and Accessibility Features guide.


What measures has ClearSight taken to protect our personally identifiable information (PII)?

ClearSight recognizes the importance of protecting user and student personal data, whether it is being transmitted, stored, or converted.

Our systems protect individual privacy and confidentiality in a manner consistent with privacy laws, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and other federal laws.

The secure data transmitted across the public Internet are encrypted using secure shell (SSH) advanced encryption standard (AES) or an Internet protocol security (IPsec) virtual private network (VPN).


What training is available for ClearSight?

  • There are System Training PowerPoints available for each ClearSight system found on the System Training PowerPoints page of our portal.
    • Live, virtual training sessions can also be requested through the ClearSight team for an additional fee. Please refer to our Training Options handout for more information on live trainings. 
  • There is also a required New Users course on the ClearSight portal homepage that users who will administer tests must take prior to being granted access to the Test Administration area of ClearSight.
  • There are comprehensive user guides and manuals located in the Resources area of the ClearSight Portal.

For information on ClearSight's Interim and Formative assessments, as well as other general ClearSight information, please refer to the resources below:

  • Preparing for Testing