Formative Assessment Resources
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Formative Assessment Resources

What is a ClearSight Formative assessment?

Formative assessments focus on a specific topic like Numbers & Operations in Mathematics and Informational Text in English Language Arts (ELA). These assessments are intended to provide information on content unit mastery rather than grade level mastery. There are typically 3 Formative forms for each topic. An educator could use a Formative form, such as Form 1, as a pre-teaching assessment, to determine what students already know about a topic and how to focus instructional time. The educator could then use another form, such as Form 2 or 3, for that content unit to assess mastery at the end of the unit. If the unit is taught early in the school year and the educator would like to see how much information has been maintained, the educator could administer a different form later in the school year to track retention or loss. 

  • ClearSight's Formative assessments are available from grades K-12. These assessments are linked to classroom instruction and measure student knowledge and mastery of specific topics. 
  • ClearSight's Formative tests are fixed-form, meaning that all students take the exact same test.
  • Similar to our Interim items, all of ClearSight's Formative assessment items have undergone the same rigorous item development and approval process that produces the items seen on state summative tests. 
  • ClearSight's Formative assessments are reported in percentage correct and raw scores. 

What Formative assessments are available?

ClearSight offers Formative assessments in ELA, Math, Writing, with a selection of Science forms also available as a supplemental package. The Formative Writing assessments also include options for both machine and educator-scored responses. You can view our complete Formative assessment offerings through the resources below.