Interim Assessment Resources
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Interim Assessment Resources

What is a ClearSight Interim assessment?

Interim assessments are intended to provide educators with information on how a student is tracking towards overall grade level mastery in a particular content area.

  • Interim assessments are used to track students’ progress toward mastery of grade-level standards, before and after significant amounts of instruction (typically twice a year, though can be administered up to four times per year). This would allow an educator to view learning made towards grade level standards and also provide time for re-teaching or remediation before the summative assessment. 
  • ClearSight's Interim tests are adaptivemeaning that each student will be responding to a different selection of items depending upon their responses. As a result, the composition of an Interim test will vary from student to student. 
  • All of ClearSight's Interim assessment items are also former state summative items. This means that all of our interim items have undergone the same rigorous item development and approval process that produces the items seen on state summative tests. 
  • ClearSight's Interim assessments are reported in proficiency levels and scale scores, comparable to those given on state summative assessments. For more information on Interim assessment scoring, refer to our Interim Assessment Scores resource.

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