K-2 Package Overview
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K-2 Package Overview

What is ClearSight K-2?

The ClearSight K- 2 supplemental package contains both longer-form Survey assessments and shorter-form Formative tests for ELA and Math content areas. The intent of these assessments is that they be used in conjunction with classroom, formative, and other district assessments to guide instructional determinations. 


The K-2 Survey tests cover content from across grade-level standards and can provide insight into how students are tracking towards grade-level standards mastery. These Survey tests contain no more than 12 items. 


The K-2 Formative tests focus on a specific area of content, like a unit of curriculum, and contain more images and audio support. In ELA, this could be Language, and in math this could be Measurement and Data. These tests can provide a quick way to measure students' progress towards mastery of standards within a specific unit of content. These Formative tests contain anywhere from 3-12 items per form, and are ideal for pre- and post-tests, quizzes, or checks for persistence of knowledge.


For more information on the number of tests available at K, 1, and 2 or to see the number of forms available based upon content unit, please see the K-2 Test Information document.


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