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Jul 2, 2021

To what standards are ClearSight items aligned?

ClearSight aligns items to your state’s standards so you will see your state standards in the reporting and authoring areas of the system when you view information about assessments and items. If there is not an alignment to your state's standards, you will see Common Core information for that item. 

There are now comprehensive lists available, by checkpoint form name, which provide item sequence and the standard for each item. You can view these lists by selecting Indiana or Florida.  


What is ClearSight and who should use it?

ClearSight is a digital assessment platform for districts and/or schools to administer fixed-form and adaptive assessments across subjects and grades. ClearSight provides actionable, immediate data to teachers. ClearSight has an educator authoring tool that can be used by educators to create items and/or tests that they can use in their classrooms and share with others. Districts, schools, or teachers who are interested in administering premade, state standards-aligned assessments can use ClearSight to track student’s mastery of grade-level standards and to inform instruction during the school year.

Will ClearSight Interim assessments predict how well my students will perform on the summative state test?

The ClearSight Interim assessments provide an indicator of how your student is tracking toward mastering the grade-level standards.

The four proficiency levels represent this: 1) Highly Proficient, 2) Proficient, 3) Approaching Proficient, 4) Below Proficient.

Since your summative state test also measures mastery of grade-level standards, the ClearSight Interim assessment is one strong indicator of how ready your student is to succeed on the summative state test.