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Summer Programs FAQ

What can be added to ClearSight for Summer Programs?

If you already use ClearSight during the regular school year, but are interested in using it during the summer as well, not only can you continue to use your subscriptions until the middle of July, you can also purchase add-on licenses.



ClearSight has some very robust Science tests that engage students in a range of interactive items and comprehensively assess a science standard in one sitting. See the document titled Description of Science Tests to learn more about the grade levels and content included in the Science package.  


Early Grades

ClearSight has Survey Assessments available for Kindergarten through Grade 2 in both ELA and Math, as well as topic-focused ClearSight Formative Assessments. These can be used to help you measure students' knowledge or as activities to practice online testing. See our K-2 Resources for more information. 


Can I use ClearSight during a summer program?

Yes, Interim and ClearSight Formative assessments and ClearSight and Educator-Authored item banks can be used as part of your summer program.

  1. Interim Assessments can be used as pre- and post- tests to measure change in performance from the start of the program to the end of the program.
  2. ClearSight Formative Assessments can be used as pre-instruction and post-instruction tests, as quizzes, and as homework/individual work assignments.
  3. Educator-Authored items and tests can be used as needed. You can select items from the ClearSight Item Bank or your Educator-Authored items.

What should I consider before using ClearSight in a summer program?

Subscription Considerations

  1. Your current school year subscriptions/licenses are good through the end of July. 
  2. Please keep in mind that ClearSight systems will not be available during the last two weeks of July as new releases will be made during that time.
  3. ClearSight is not available in August of the upcoming school year unless you renew your subscription. You are welcome to do so at any time.


Assessment Considerations

  1. Be aware that students may already have taken the Interim Assessment, appropriate to their grade, 1 - 4 times during the school year. The maximum times an Interim can be taken by a student is 4 times.
  2. Be aware that you will likely want to use the next grade's Interim Assessment during the first part of the upcoming school year with students.
  3. The ClearSight Formative and/or Educator-Authored assessments may be the best to use during a summer program if you want to avoid over exposure to the Interim Assessments.