Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Please access the form below to provide us with your district and/or corporation's information so that we can prepare a 2023-2024 Subscription Agreement Quote for your signature. Our team will liaise directly with the Administrative Contact shared on this form to process your subscription.

Please note: ClearSight subscriptions need to be coordinated through your school district’s office in order to establish access for any and all participating schools within a single, district-level subscription.  The enrollment figures requested below should subsequently account for all schools that will be utilizing ClearSight in your district.

Finally, in order to officially process your subscription, we will need:
1. A signed copy of the forthcoming Subscription Agreement Quote
2. A signed Purchase Order originating from your school district.

Once the signed Quote and Purchase Order are received, our team will forward these signed documents to our accounting department who will invoice you directly. 

Thank you for being a ClearSight customer, and we look forward to working with you!

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