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Grades Kindergarten through Second

Jul 2, 2021

What is ClearSight K-2?

The main ClearSight subscription covers grades 3 through High School in English language arts and math. As an add-on, users can access Checkpoints for grades 1 and 2 and Interims for grades K-2. For more information on the content of the forms, see the K-2 Checkpoint and Interim Table.

For assistance and further information, please contact your sales representative at ClearSight Assessment.

What types of tests are available in ClearSight K-2?

The ClearSight K- 2 offering contains both Interim and Checkpoint tests for ELA and Math content areas. The Interim tests, at each grade level, cover content from across the standards at that grade level. The Interim test can provide an idea of how students are tracking towards grade-level standards mastery. 

The Checkpoint tests, by contrast, focus on a specific area of content, like a unit of curriculum. In ELA this might be Language and in math this might be Measurement and Data. These tests can provide a quick way to measure students' progress towards mastery of standards in that unit of content. 

For more information on the number of tests available at K, 1, and 2 or to see the number of forms available based upon content unit, please see the Description of K-2 Forms - Add-On document.