General Testing Information

General Testing Information

How does a student log in to take a test when s/he is using an open browser?

If a student is not taking a test on the downloaded, secure browser, he or she can use any modern browser to take the test. The student can use this link to access the test log in. Please note that the student will need to have his or her official first name, Student id (or SSID), and the Session id ready to enter at the log in page. Information on Test Administration can be found in the UserManual Test Administration SystemQuickGuide Deciding How to Administer a Test, and the Training Test Administration.


For how long may a student pause a test form?

A student may pause his or her own test form or a Test Administrator may pause the test for the student(s). A test form can be paused and unpaused at any time during the test window. Pause timers determine the length of time during which the student's test may be unpaused and the student may review any of the previously answered items.
For all tests, except Writing,  the pause timer is 20 minutes. For Writing tests, there is no pause timer imposed. The student can still unpause the test form once this timer period has passed, however s/he would not be able to review the previously answered test questions, even if they were marked for review.
There is an Administrative Procedure that can be applied via TIDE to allow the student to review previously answered items. This is known as a Grace Period Extension or GPE. For more information on Pause Limits, Pausing a test form, or Grace Period Extensions, please see the UserManual Test Administration System, the UserManual Test Information Distribution Engine TIDE, or the Training Managing Users and Tests


How should educators use Practice Tests?


Practice Tests are not intended as an assessment of standards knowledge. They are also not indicative of difficulty levels or test lengths. In fact, the items may not be on grade level. Practice Tests are purely for the purpose of allowing students and teachers to become comfortable with using the ClearSight system. The Practice Tests are meant to provide access to the test experience, available tools, variety of item types (multiple choice, drag and drop, equation entry, etc…) and functionality of the ClearSight system. Students should be encouraged to engage fully with the items but should not feel that it is a requirement to answer the questions correctly.